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Use the form below to submit a new agent into LendingPoint Merchant Solutions. New agents must successfully complete training and be given a LendingPoint Agent ID# before being allowed to sell the program. By submitting a new agent into LendingPoint by using this contact form, you will have the agent successfully tagged to you in Salesforce (for reporting and commission purposes). Thank you for your partnership.

Note: after submitting the new agent, you will land back on the partner dashboard.


Basic Information

Please use the following format: 01/01/2018

Please enter the partner email address LendingPoint has on file for you. We track items in Salesforce and having you input the correct email address is important for us to ensure reporting and commissions are handled correctly.

New Agent Information

IMPORTANT! This email address will be used for tracking all merchants this agent submits through LendingPoint Merchant Solutions. Please ensure this email address is entered correctly!

Upon Submission, This Agent Will Be Registered To Your Organization

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